Pre-University/New Visions

Our Pre-University/New Visions Career Exploration programs place high school seniors beside local professionals, giving them an opportunity to witness the translation of knowledge into performance. These courses provides a college-bound student with the information and experience necessary to make informed career choices.

These rigorous programs utilize the community as a learning tool. Honors-level curricula in English, Participation in Government, and Economics are applied to the careers being explored. Students can save money on college by earning college credits while in high school.

Students can take classes at their home school and participate in ALL after-school sports or special events.

Curricula focus on the interviewing, debating, research, writing, and speaking skills that are necessary to succeed in college and in the world of work. Students learn effective self-discipline and skills for time management that lead to positive lifelong learning habits.

Classes meet five days a week throughout the school year for a half day. Students intern at various work sites in the community. They have access to their instructor but are under the direct oversight of professionals in the workplace. The curricula consist of projects completed independently or cooperatively in class and/or at internship sites.

The New Visions instructor acts as a guide and facilitator during learning activities held in and out of the classroom. Internships reinforce the concept that learning is a lifelong process that has practical applications.

2017-2018 Course Options

New Visions: Music & Audio Engineering

Music & Audio Engineering combines elements of music composition, digital music technology, and audio engineering in a hands-on studio environment. Project-based learning experiences introduce students to all phases of music production including composition, pre-production, multi-track recording, mixing, and mastering. Topics include music arranging, musicianship for the producer, ear training and basic music theory, studio performance technique, signal flow, sound processing, digital music technology and MIDI, working with loops and samples, microphone technique and placement, acoustic fundamentals, mixing and mastering, and music business basics.

Students work at computers

Site Rotations:

  • Recording
  • Studios
  • Radio Stations
  • Audio Post-Production Facilities
  • Live Music
  • Venues
  • Theaters

LOCATION: Career & Technical Center Campus, Port Ewen

New Visions: Education

This New Visions program is located at George Washington Elementary School in Kingston. Students will have an opportunity to prepare, deliver, and evaluate instruction from kindergarten through high school. In addition, students will shadow school administrators, guidance counselors, literacy teachers, curriculum specialists, and other educators on a local and/or national level using available technology. Students may specialize in a field of interest after meeting general program requirements. Internships will go beyond “student teaching” or shadowing experiences. New Visions projects, internships, and trips offer immersion in hands-on learning.

Students mixes up a concoction while three children look on

Site rotations:

  • Public Pre-K Classes
  • Local Elementary, Middle, and
  • High Schools
  • Public and Private Junior and Senior Colleges
  • Career/Technical Schools
  • Model Schools and Programs

LOCATION: George Washington Elementary School, Kingston City School District

New Visions: Health

Students will have an opportunity to work with practicing professionals as they execute an academically challenging curriculum related to the field of health. Students will experience healthcare career options first-hand as they work side by side with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other career healthcare professionals.

Students meet two days a week at a local hospital and intern at various clinical and non-clinical sites at hospitals and other health-related facilities in the community three days a week.

New Visions Health students study an image of the digestive system

Site rotations:

  • Operating Room
  • Delivery Room
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Radiology
  • Emergency Room
  • Dietary
  • Pathology
  • Veterinary Office
  • Orthodontics
  • Acupuncturist
  • Chiropractor

LOCATION: Career & Technical Center Campus, Port Ewen

New Visions: Advanced Robotics & Engineering

This one-year program introduces seniors to various disciplines in robotics engineering including computer science, mechanical, biological, healthcare, and electrical engineering. Students learn the fundamental concepts behind each of these fields in order to gain a strong understanding of robotics and robotic systems. Students spend half of their school day working and learning alongside engineering professionals in various industry settings throughout Ulster County. English and social studies are taught through an interdisciplinary curriculum. Students leave the program with the ability to make informed choices about their post secondary decision in engineering professions.

Two students work with small robotics parts

Site rotations:

  • Robotic
  • Civil
  • Architectural
  • Mechanical
  • Manufacturing

LOCATION: Career & Technical Center Campus, Port Ewen

Pre-University Students

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Amy Storenski
Principal of CTE

Robert Knuschke
Assistant Principal of CTE

Ronald Bath
Guidance Counselor

Kathryn Flanagan
Guidance Counselor

Gen Rochetti
Special Education Consultant Teacher

Route 9W
Port Ewen, NY 12466
phone: 845.331.6680



New Visions students can receive four high school credits for successfully completing this program.

1 English
1/2 Economics
1/2 Participation in Government
2 New Visions Electives*


New Visions students have the potential to earn 9 college credits.*

6 English
3 Government
*Credits earned through special arrangements with SUNY Ulster.


The schedule for New Visions students may vary according to the program, the district, and the internship sites being used. Internships are developed by an instructor with the goal of exposing students to as many career options in a given field as possible.


The admissions process for New Visions is similar to the college admissions process. It also duplicates some aspects of an application for employment. Students seeking admission submit an application that includes two confidential references, a handwritten essay, and a high school transcript. They must also attend a personal interview.