HV Pathways Academy Showcased as Model School

When you are known as being one of the best at what you do, it's important to share so others can learn from your successes. Ulster BOCES Hudson Valley Pathways Academy (HVPA) was recently showcased as a model school for the P-TECH program when educational officials from two Indiana school districts, along with a community foundation from the same state, visited and toured the school.

HVPA students and staff answered questions and gave personal accounts of what it is like to attend the school. Select students also gave presentations discussing the three pillars of the program, including a curriculum focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), industry partners and work-based learning, and early college enrollment and graduation.

The director of student learning at Brown County Schools, Debbie Harman, said, "We've noticed a trend where there is a disconnect between students and learning, graduation, and employment. Right now we are in the middle of transitioning our schools to better align our students with the world of work, which is why we are visiting HVPA."

Brown County High School principal Shane Killinger said he was most impressed with how comfortable HVPA students felt speaking with adults they didn't know. "The students' soft skills were amazing," said Killinger. He went on to explain that students seemed to feel safe, comfortable, and confident, which is something every student should feel.