6-12 Cedar Academy

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ALPHA Middle and High School Programs

grades 6-8, 9-12 available as
Co-Ser 208.004 (8:1:1 Classes)

This therapeutic program is designed for students whose learning rate is within the average and above average range, and whose academic performance is impacted by emotional and mental health challenges. These students are provided an emotionally supportive environment with embedded mental health services in both individual and group modalities that are offered at an intensive level for first-year students, gradually tapering down as students demonstrate greater mastery in self-regulation and increased academic success. The ALPHA team is trained in Trauma Informed Care and consists of both clinical staff as well as Positive Intervention Team (PIT Crew) trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). ALPHA is a departmentalized program and students are given all of the coursework needed to fulfill the requirements of a NYS Regents diploma. Students will meet regularly with their guidance counselor to review graduation requirements. When in Grade 11, students may choose to enroll in a career or technical program at the Ulster BOCES Career & Technical Center.


Jillaine Berardi
Director of Learning and Design for the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning Student-Based Programs

Richard Haviland
Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning at Port Ewen

Rachel Balaban
Assistant Principal
Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning at Port Ewen

Route 9W, PO Box 1176
Port Ewen, NY 12466
Phone: 845.339.8707

Gwen Kramer-Gold
Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning at Anna Devine

1372 Old Post Road
Ulster Park, NY 12487
Phone: 845.334.5915