Superintendent’s Conference Day

Ulster BOCES Full Agency | November 7, 2023

Supt conference day image


Select a Personal Artifact

Before our session, please select a personal item of significance, and bring it with you on November 7. To kick off our time together, we'll start by introducing ourselves to our teammates using these artifacts. Your chosen item should hold personal meaning for you or represent a core aspect of your identity. Here are some examples to inspire you:
  • A photograph capturing a cherished moment.
  • An important item from your childhood.
  • A locket or piece of jewelry with sentimental value.
  • A leaf or another item from nature that holds significance to you.

The purpose of this activity is to share something meaningful about yourself, whether it's a story, a memory, or a representation of your identity. By bringing these artifacts to life, we can better understand and connect with one another.



8 am - 3 PM

SUNY Ulster Campus
491 Cottekill Road
Stone Ridge, NY
The Senate Gymnasium Campus Map

**This will be your work location for the day. There is no mileage reimbursement.

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