Workshop Descriptions

Inspiring, Engaging, and Empowering Our Youth: Culturally Relevant Instruction through Critical Inquiry Projects
Dr. Jevon Hunter
Session Offered: Morning & Afternoon

As an extension of the keynote presentation, attendees will participate in an interactive workshop where they learn to incorporate culturally relevant material to support authentic learning by youth through critical inquiry projects: classroom-based inquiry projects that afford students the opportunity to critically examine an experienced or recognized social injustice from their lived social realities. Critical Inquiry Projects (CIP) intentionally blend academic knowledge with critical and social awareness in an effort to provide students with the necessary skill sets to actively participate in a democratic society. Objectives for this workshop are to 1) review of the major tenets of Culturally Relevant/Sustaining Pedagogy (CR/SP), 2) examine student work utilizing CR/SP, and 3) apply and implement CR/SP in the classroom. Inspiration, engagement, and empowerment will be unapologetically discussed in this workshop.

Renegade Leadership
Dr. Brad Gustafson
Session Offered: Morning & Afternoon

This workshop brings an inspiring blend of personal stories and humor that will change the way you think about positive deviance. Learn how to unleash student and staff potential while dismantling barriers to innovation. Collect examples of the Renegade CODE in action so you can champion meaningful change in your sphere of influence.

Empathy, Equity & Perspective Taking... The Keys To Reclaiming Our Humanity In School
Dr. Tony Sinanis
Session Offered: Morning & Afternoon

We will review the importance of promoting empathy, equity and perspective taking in our schools as a way to better understand ourselves and others while creating an inclusive environment. We will reflect on various structures schools/districts can embed to ensure that empathy, perspective taking and equity are driving our daily decisions, interactions, and actions. We will spend time exploring different types of literature, from picture books to chapter books, to support and promote this important work in reclaiming our humanity in our schools!

Surviving & Thriving
Andrew Marotta
Session Offered: Morning Only

Want to be a better leader? Want to be a more effective school administrator? New to administration? In this three-hour workshop, Andrew will invigorate you, challenge you, and inspire you. He will share stories, tips, hacks, and experiences from his book: The Principal: Surviving & Thriving. This high energy, enthusiastic presentation will be interactive, reflective, and purposeful to help you in your role as a school administrator. The focus will be: the power of storytelling, having more energy & enthusiasm, providing meaningful feedback, and how to better take care of your own well being, while doing your best to serve others.

The “Un-Conference” Workshop
Aviva Kafka, Deputy Superintendent
Session Offered: Afternoon Only

A participant-driven workshop commonly referred to as an “unconference.” The goal is to encourage participants to lead conversations that address their needs and interests as they pertain to our theme of Courage, Love, and Justice.