Rocking the Regents: Analysis and Instruction for the NYS English Regents

February 4, 2019 - april 29, 2019

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Student taking an exam

This course explains the design of the NYS ELA Regents exam and hard-to-master skills needed to pass, how to use data from formative assessments to inform targeted instruction, and how to implement dynamic, differentiated instructional strategies based on student needs and progress.

This course aims to support teachers who are preparing students for the English Regents to better understand the design of the exam, locate the leverage areas and use relevant data points to develop targeted instruction for students performing at all levels.

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Identify the components of the exam and the skills that make the test difficult for some students.
  • Analyze data from the exam and use the data to inform targeted instruction.
  • Implement dynamic instructional strategies based on student needs and track progress.
  • Engage in an online community of other English teachers who can share ideas and resources.
Registration Fee: $303 - Registration closes at 4:00 pm EST on jan. 5, 2019

Any attendee who is taking this course for CTLE credit for NY State must enter their name exactly as it appears on the TEACH website in accordance with NYSED requirements.

Units Awarded: Participants receive 2 CEUs OR 20 clock hours OR 20 CTLEs (applicable only to NYS residents).

Who should attend?

  • New York State High School ELA teachers
  • New York State High School ELA coaches